Make your child think Ramadan is Special – RAMADAN with WISDOM [Part 13]

Yes, your child knows Ramadan is special, but ask why? Because for him, Ramadan is a month eating.

You might wake him up for Suhoor and eat. Just before he goes to school he has his usual breakfast, then lunch. Once he is back from school he walks around tasting the fancy foods. Just after Magrib (the sunset prayer) he will have big meal of exuberant table spreads filled with copious amounts of exotic foods.

In the last few days of Ramadan, you roam around with her in the textile shops, one after the other. And they see you sleeping most of the time.

A Muslim must make time for your family, to raise them in goodness, where children has to be given special concern, for the child grows up in the manner to which his father and mother make him get accustomed. Some strategies and planning are to be made to educate and cultivate a culture of Islamic tradition, here are a few principles you need to know in general.

Set your purpose of teaching

What do you want your child to learn? Why are you asking him to perform some deeds in their early ages?

Of course, it is not just for performing that particular action, rather you want to cultivate a psyche with Islamic culture; fearing Allah, loving Him and hoping the best reward from Him. Mere commanding would not serve your purpose nor do the material benefits you offer them.

Unveil the goal

The child might be curious to know why he should fast or pray. Disclose the purpose of what you asked him to do. Pleasing Allah. Now the question may continue; why we need to please Allah; what if I don’t please Allah. Let him know the reward he gets by pleasing Allah. Be careful always give positive response.

You don’t want to give responses like ‘I asked you to do that’, or ‘I am telling you’ or that ‘you will get a mobile phone in the get of the Ramadan’ or even ‘you will not get new cloths for Eid’. The objective of doing good and keeping away from evil is clear. Whatever the material purpose you tell them; whether it is for you, or for some money, or for some dress, once they have it, or once they no more depend on you, the good actions will disappear.

Do before you command

I hope you got the principle properly. Prophet (S) was the example for the Sahaba. Be the example you want your children to be. And remember don’t command them a deed before you are sure you are able to do yourself.

Teaching with Kindness and love

In whatever way you shout at them, your kid is not going to listen to you. Anas bin Malik (R), who served Prophet (S) for ten years in his childhood said that Mohammad (S) was ‘the best of people in character’, for “He never said to me ‘uff!’ (a word in the Arabic language used to express one’s annoyance). And he never said about a thing I did, ‘why did you do that?’ And he never said about a thing I left, ‘why did you leave that? [Tirmidhi]”

Emphasize on majors

Teach them and focus on the major issues. Let them not know the Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) of a deed. But instill in their mind that Allah is watching us, that rulings are to be taken from Quran and Hadith, that Allah can only help you etc., It is important to teach them how they should learn, research. May be you can ask your child to prepare a chart, an essay on any topic according to their age.

Engaging the emotional

Do you know why all of us are addicted to movies, T. V shows or games? Our emotion is so much involved in such matters. Once he is emotional engaged in a good deed, he creates a habit of doing it for all his life. Are your kid involved too much in games, you may have to purchase an Islamic game. Does she like stories; there are a lot of stories of the mothers of believers.

Making them participate

Learning through hand- on activities helps to retain 75% of what you taught compared to 5% through lecture and 10% reading. Prophet (S) used to bring Hassan and Hussain (R), His grandchildren to Masjid as kids before they know how to pray. Take your child to a nearby hospital, show them how people suffer and explain the blessings Allah gave.

Give responsibilities

A mom asked a one year old kid to wake his brother. Do you know what happened? The kid went and started shouting, beating and crying until his brother woke up. I don’t know whether he took it as a responsibility or he knows about waking up for the As’r Prayer. Children often take responsibilities more seriously than adults. They feel like they are mature. Ask your elder child to take the responsibility of your younger kids five time daily prayer. Make sure He or she does not punch the younger for not obeying.

They may make mistakes when they do it. Allow them to make mistakes, for experience is a good teacher.