One Shot, two Kills: War on Future Gaza

One Shot, two Kills: War on Future Gaza

Just after the 72 hour ceasefire has expired, the Israeli stroke its first ‘terrorist’ victim Ibrahim Dawaawsa, a 10- year old boy from Gaza[i]. Ibrahim was hit by a missile directly that blew his head off. The United Nations estimates around 500[ii]children were put to death toll so far in the 2014 assault raising the overall child death toll to around 1700[iii]. Much more are those who are injured. 2,744 are severely injured only in the current (2014) onslaught of Israel[iv]. According to the UNICEF about 400,000 children are showing symptoms of psychological problems, including stress and depression, clinging to parents and nightmares. A great many more are suffering from physical illness such as traumas, losing the ability of speaking etc calling. Many have stated the need for psycho- social support in Palestine. 

The brutality is further extended to killing unborn ‘terrorists’. T- shirts written ‘one shot, two kills’, ‘better use Durex’ were notorious earlier in the Israeli assault of Gaza. Pregnant women and women in general are special targets of the Israeli forces. Near 300 women[v] have already dead in the present war so far and a vast majority of them includes pregnant women[vi].

Apart from mass killing and injuring the Israeli force has burned down educational and health future of the Gazans. Including 580 schools destroyed in 2009 and 2012, the Israeli force has already demolished more than 140 schools so far in the recent attack which include 89 run by the U. N. Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA)[vii]. In addition Israel has demolished the Islamic University of Gaza and a branch of Al- Quds Open University. Jim Roche, the chairperson for the Academics of Palestine said that the ‘attack is on the education itself’.

According to the UNICEF about 400,000 children are showing symptoms of psychological problems, including stress and depression, clinging to parents and nightmares. A great many more are suffering from physical illness such as traumas, losing the ability of speaking etc calling. Many have stated the need for psycho- social support in Palestine. Commenting on the overall situation of the Gazan life the Special Representative of the Secretary- General for Children and Armed Conflict Leila Zerroughui stated: “….no one doubt that there are no safe places for children of Gaza.[viii]”

Why children and women are been targeted and murdered in Gaza or left to live a ‘dead life’?

The Israeli explanations for civilian deaths like ‘Hamas is using civilians as human shields’ and Israeli P. M Netanyahu’s own statement  that Hamas want to ‘pile up as many civilian dead as they can to make Israel look bad[ix]’ are strategically trivial and rationally ridiculous. The Israeli government itself have not able to come up with any evidence for its claim of Hamas using civilians as human shield proving that it is just a myth.

It was in the late 1920’s Judah Magnes, Martin Buber, Brit Shalom proposed one- state or bi- national solution for the Palestine- Israel issue. Both the governments and political parties have rejected for compromising their ‘rights’. The majority of Israeli rejected it claiming for a single Jewish sovereignty over Palestine[x]. While Palestinians rejected for a single state with Palestinian authority, though in 1969, the Fatah and in 1971, the PLO reformulated the one- state solution, it lacked international support. The next solution was a two- state solution agreed by the Israel and rejected by Palestine leading to the Arab- Israeli war of 1948. The two- state solution has been in place for the last twenty years among the politicians, academicians and in the international community and has failed, leaving us with the strongest argument against the two- state solution.

Many have argued that Israel has created an apartheid reality that can only be solved by establishing a democratic one- state solution. From 1999 onwards the calls for a unitary democratic state have been renewed. Academicians like Tony Judt, John Mearsheimer political scientists like Virginia Tally, Palestinian activist Edward Said, leftist journalists from Israel Haim Hanegbi and Daniel Gavron, were some among the proponents of the one- state proposal.       Hamas co- founder Mahmoud Al- Zahar, and Ahmed Qarie once P. M of Palestine articulated support to a one- state solution if Israel failed to conclude on a mutually benefitting agreement. 

The failure to sustain peaceful two- state independent nations calls for a democratic one- state where both the Palestinians and the Israelis having equal political right. And Israeli government fears this due to many reasons, two of them which are; the 194 Resolution adopted by the U. N. General Assembly, and the population rate of the Palestinians. The 194 resolution of the UNGA provides the Palestinians the ‘right to return’ which ‘resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so’. Now, the right to return would allow an estimated 5.6 million Palestinian refugees, according to UNRWA[xi], to come back to their own nation adding to the existing Palestinian population.

The demographics (2010) published by the Palestinian Authority’s Central Bureau of Statistics and the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics points to the fact that by 2020 the Palestinian population will exceed the Israeli population reported the ‘Haaratz’[xii]. The demographics report state that the Palestinian population is 4.6 million, while the Israelis stand at 7.8 million. But among the 7.8 million Israelis, 1.6 million are Arabs; a vast majority of them are Palestinians. Apart from these 5.6 million Palestinians are either refugees or settlers in Arab countries and in rest of the world, hoping for their return to home. The birth rate of the two nations reveals that the fears expressed by the leftist Israelis are true, for it is Palestinians 32.6 to Israelis 18. 97, reminding that though a vast number of Orthodox Jews are still living in Israel and the new generation of Israelis are adapting to micro families; whereas in Palestine the situation is different, a couple in Palestine usually have 12 to 13 children. A democratic one- state nation with equal humanitarian and political rights would benefit the Palestinians than the Israelis, for the majority would be able to keep the governance.     

Children are weapon for Palestinians, not because they are going to fight against the Israelis, but for the fact that each child is a voter in years coming. 33. 74% of the Palestinian populations are of the age ranging from 0 to 14 and around 22 % ranging from 15- 24, making half of the population being the future voters. Now you know why Israel forces interested in imprisoning, torturing, and killing children and young women and men. But Palestinians are people who take all means of resistance. Pregnancy and birth are resistance here, for they have even smuggled sperms of imprisoned husbands to impregnate their wives and give birth to their future weapons, a combination of old- fashioned subterfuge and advanced medical science.














[x] Morris, Benny (2009), One states, Two states: Resolving the Israel/ Palestine Conflict. Yale University Press